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Yamaha V-Max – Ghost Rider’s companion

The Japanese become very aggressive, selfish and hardcore when it comes to manufacturing bikes. And why shouldn’t they be? After all they developed and invented some mind blowing technologies well ahead in time when the other manufacturers couldn’t even imagine about their work. Yamaha

Yamaha R25 launched in Indonesia

Alright people, the Yamaha R25 is finally here. The bike has been caught testing on innumerable number of occasions off late and it has finally hit the launchpad. It has been launched at a price of 53 million Indonesian Rupiya which is equal to

Yamaha is now planning to make cars

Yamaha is a Japan based two wheeler giant. It has created a successful name for itself in the two wheels segment. News is that the company is now looking forward to expanding its portfolio and entering into the four wheels segment. Though Yamaha has