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Fiat unleashes the all new Punto Evo

Fiat Group Automobiles India Private Limited (FGAIPL) has launched their new “Punto Evo”, this stylish new hatchback will replace the old Punto which we love. This new Punto Evo has styling which is unique to India. It is a dramatic evolution of the earlier

Driver Aids, Good or bad?

Driver aids, for those of you reading this term for the first time let me tell you, it’s a small little computer inside your car somewhere which controls your car. Scared or relieved? That’s the debate. For a start a common sense will say its good,

Hot hatchback in India or the lack of them

Indians are obsessed with fuel efficiency, comfort and cheap cars. And this all end’s up with manufacturer’s making comfortable, softly sprung , efficient cars which are only meant for girls or man who are not man enough. Of course there are a few ‘so